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Kyah Development Corporation (KDC) was incorporated on September 19, 2006. The Witset Band owns 100% of the issued shares of the company. KDC was formed with intention of managing the Band’s portfolio and investments in businesses and other ventures. To the purpose, KDC acts as the General Partner for the Moricetown Band Development Limited Partnership (MBDLP), which owns the shares and assets of the Witset Band’s business ventures. In Addition, KDC was formed with the view to enhancing and promoting the Witset Band’s vision for economic development and diversification.

MBDLP owns the following assets:

  • Kyahwood Forest Products the mill assets, plant and equipment

  • Owns the lease on Lot 53-1 CLSR 77829

  • Kyah Industries Ltd. – the logging company

Outside the MBDLP umbrella, the Witset Band owns:

  • 10% of Houston Pellet Limited Partnership

  • Kyah Food & Fuel 

The Witset Band has also signed agreement with the BC Government relating to economic development and its involvement in the forest industry. These include:

  • A Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement

  • Logging revenues


The objective is to provide the Witset Band Council with a workable structure for MBDC so that it may achieve its dual goals which are:

  • General Management for Witset Band Owned Ventures:

  • To ensure the effective and efficient management of the various enterprises within the partnership using the existing structure of MBDC acting as general partner of MBDLP.

Economic Development:

To ensure that MBDC provides socially and culturally informed Economic Development services to the Witset Band and band members on reserve and in the traditional territories including:

  • Assistance with business plan development and assessment of business opportunities

  • Business advisory services and entrepreneurial mentoring

  • Assistance with venture financing and access to government funding programs

  • Undertakes feasibility studies and evaluates economic development plans

  • Liaises with government and industry

  • Builds partnership with government, industry and other First Nations organizations

  • Builds capacity with the Band and band members

  • Secures government and other financing for economic development and diversification projects

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