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Widzin Kwah Diyik Be Yikh

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Widzin Kwah Diyik Be Yikh (Widzin Kwah Canyon House Museum) is open to the public daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm, May to September. We offer 45-minute professionally guided Witsuwit’en Cultural Tours. The Museum houses artifacts, carbon dated back 6,000 years, from the very ground the Museum rests upon.

Through the stories, photographs, writings, artifacts and recently excavated stone tools, you’ll see the development of our people from time immemorial. If you’re in the market for traditional art, we feature some of the very best locally made moccasins, beaded jewelry, and native art Witset has to offer.

If you’re already stopping at the world-renowned Widzin Kwah Canyon to watch our skilled fishermen in action, we encourage you to climb the stairs to the Widzin Kwah Canyon House Museum where you can enjoy a professionally guided tour and complimentary cup of coffee.

Come get to know the Witsuwit’en people and the ancient community of Witset.

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