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Coastal GasLink LNG Demonstration in Witset

Back on October 22, TransCanada brought a LNG demonstration to Witset and Smithers.

There are many misconceptions about what LNG is, and the risks it poses to the territory. This video helps clarify how LNG is very different than oil.

LNG Demonstration in Witset

On October 22, this same guy, Eric Neandross, from Gladstone, Neandross & Associates did the following LNG demonstration in Witset.

Misalos (Victor Jim) Speaks on Chevron Meetings

The following is an interview with Tsayu Wing Chief Misalos (Victor Jim). Victor has been attending the meetings in Vancouver with Chevron-Apache, the FNLP and the Provincial Government about Witset possibly entering the FNLP. Victor also addresses the “sell out” accusations he has received since attending these meetings.

LNG Safety Demonstration

The following is a demonstration on the safety of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) by expert Peter Micciche of ConocoPhillips Alaska for the Australia Pacific LNG Project in Queensland, Australia.

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